** Suitable for families and large groups **

Duration: 6pm - 9am


We bring the members of your tribe together to enjoy the complete Judean Desert experience! Explore the desert,  enjoy time around the campfire, and take part in a festive outdoor cooking workshop. Together, we'll collect a variety of wild desert herbs, and cook with only the best organically grown local vegetables. The menu will include an array of dips, stews and vegetables - all prepared on an open fire in traditional clay and cast iron pots.

Program Outline:

  • Short hike to get to know our surroundings, and explore the paths of the desert nomads
  • Lighting the fire and preparing the coals for our traditional desert stew
  • Gathering in the outdoor kitchen to prepare the dough to bake "patir" – nomad style laffa bread
  • Roasting vegetables between the coals, peeling and cutting veggies for our salads, dips and stews
  • Enjoying our meal together in traditional desert style, seated on cushions at low tables
  • Relaxing around the campfire with snacks and a hot cup of shepherds coffee
  • In the morning we'll rise bright and early for a short hike to watch the sunrise
  • Once back at camp, we'll sit down for tasty Israeli breakfast with all the extras
  • Includes a group host who will guide you through the program
  • Herbal ice tea and cold water
  • Wine and beer are available at an additional cost
  • Program can be conducted in either Hebrew or in English
  • Drum circle and/or bonfire can be added at an additional cost